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Please review below our innovative lifestyle videos, where Lori Hutson talks with a variety of people and organizations. Lori reviews many topics that affect seniors in today's world.


Gratitude Journals
How to Start Writing Your Memoirs


Find a New Career While Caregiving
Living Your Bucket List: Moving Abroad


Find Passion and Joy While Caregiving
Forgiveness: Harm from Anger of Betrayal


Forgiveness: Harm from Feeling Resentful
Forgiveness: Tools for Healing


Forgiveness and Family
How to Forgive, Part 1


How to Forgive, Part 2
In Case of Emergency, Be Organized


Health Benefits of a Positive Attitude
Focus on Preventive Measures: Medicare


Focus on Preventive Measures: Dental
Focus on Preventive Measures: Emotional Wellness


Focus on Preventive Measures: Primary Care


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